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Box Edinburgh, IN Phone: I am coming to you, excited about the future of the ICA. To Hoyle Casino Unreal Tournament 2004 Pc Game to the future, we need to look at our past.

At that time, Probation was under the authority of the circuit court of each county. The state correction system was a division of the Indiana Department of Public Welfare. It was much decentralized. A parole officer was assigned to each welfare department supervised by the county welfare director. At that time, the need for an association was great and the need was towards the probation side of the criminal justice field. This reflected the growing number of parole staff seeing the need for a professional association to meet the needs of corrections, which was growing in professional stature.

As the decade of the 's progressed into the 's, the Association reached out to other areas of corrections and disciplines within the Criminal Justice System. Professionals from institutions, law enforcement, and community correctional-based programs, the judiciary and related programs were joining the association, seeing it was a vehicle to address issues of mutual interest.

This was done to provide a centralized authority for the management of all State correctional facilities and operations. In a Division of Probation was established within the IDOC to provide general supervision over the administration of juvenile and adult probation of all courts in the state.

Our past Presidents saw the need for a third time to change the name of the association to meet the need of the field of professionals. The minutes of the June 13, Executive Board meeting chaired by President Richard Martin, states that there has been discussion concerning the changing of the Association's name to the Indiana Correctional Association.

The Executive Committee voted in favor of placing the proposed change on the agenda for the membership to consider at the annual meeting dated September 24, In the report of the Resolutions Committee, chaired by James F. Harlow, the Casino Live Westville Pendleton Correctional Facility Indiana resolution was presented: The membership voted unanimously in favor of the Resolution. To reflect the various disciplines within the criminal justice system and the community that makes up the Indiana Correctional Association ICA.

Now it s and the thinking today is, it is time to change the name again. The name ICA has been around for 45 years now and has served the association well. The reason for this possible change in the association s names is the same as it was inTo reflect the various disciplines within the criminal justice system and the community. Correctional in the name limits the ability of the association to meet this goal. Other disciplines in the criminal justice field have the impression that we the association only deal with corrections and that is not the case.

For the association to enhance corrections in Indiana, and the criminal justice system, it would be the same process. Individuals, businesses and organizations have realized the necessity of focusing on what s most important and offer the most value for increasingly limited resources. For associations, there are three critical areas that demand attention during this transition in a new economy.

Focus on the value proposition for members, exhibitors and sponsors, and conference attendance. For members and prospective members, the decision to join or renew is largely based on the value they receive by belonging. For our corporate partners who exhibit and sponsor, the value proposition deals with the return on their investment. Are they gaining the visibility and access to their customers and prospective customers? Conference attendees are looking at the value of the educational and networking experience in relationship to cost of registration, travel and time away from work.

Association leaders must energize their planning efforts to focus the allocation of resources volunteer, staff, and funds that will maximize value to members, corporate partners and participation in conferences and other programs. Casino Live Westville Pendleton Correctional Facility Indiana and business planning are now more important than ever. Association leaders must also monitor the finances and work toward maintaining a reserve fund to protect against significant revenue reductions.

And if the need arises, funds would be available to invest in adding to the value of membership with a new program or service. One of the benefits of a new economy is a refocus on the mission of the association and the value provided to members and partners. We are reminded that the member and corporate partner are customers of the association! One final note about value for ICA members and corporate partners important to remember is that value is directly related to engagement and participation within the association.

In other words, if you want more value as a member or partner, then participate at the regional or state level as a volunteer in planning the conference. And be sure to attend the conferences and encourage others to do the same. The value of belonging will grow exponentially! President s Message Continued The association prides itself on serving all disciplines of the criminal justice system. Five years ago, the association s membership was overtoday our membership is closer to Most members are corrections and or community corrections based employees.

This is not a problem if the association wants to continue being corrections based. If the association wants to continue enhancing the criminal justice system as stated in our mission statement, the association needs to consider making a change. I am proposing a focus group or committee to look at the possibility of changing the name to something like the Indiana Criminal Justice Association ICJA.

This name really brings in all disciplines of the criminal justice field. Our goal is to provide relevant, current, meaningful learning to professionals from all spectrums of Indiana s correctional community including legal, probation, parole, juvenile, prisons, community corrections, and law enforcement staff. We re very excited to include professional presenters from each of these communities in our program lineup. The conference will include four days of learning opportunities with something sure to catch your interest on each day.

This year s program will focus on specialized learning tracks to include facility safety and security; treatment, including mental health and cognitive programming; community corrections, including probation and parole; medical; legal; career development, including wellness and leadership; and juvenile corrections.

On Maryland Live Casino Dealer Medical School Interviews October 5, participants can enroll in one of three day-long workshops.

How to Beat Burnout, and a Legal Workshop that will include mini sessions on ethics, community corrections code, community corrections code, and courtroom protocol. On Wednesday October 6, Richard Stalder, who was instrumental in ensuring that Louisiana s Department of Public Safety met the challenges of a major hurricane crisis, will be our opening keynote speaker.

Want to know what the Kindness Effect is? Following the opening ceremonies and keynote, we will have two afternoon sessions of concurrent workshops. On Thursday October 7, Justice Bill Cunningham from Kentucky s 1 st Supreme Court District will present a general session for all on what it takes to succeed in corrections. Come see what a Supreme Court Justice believes it takes to succeed!

In addition to the general session, we will be offering five sessions of concurrent workshops. On Friday October 8, we will wrap up with a morning round of workshops and our closing keynote speaker, Larry Mackey. On April 19,a crime of ghastly proportions was committed. Mackey presented the government s case against Timothy McVeigh. Mackey will speak about the importance of the work we all do and how each and every person plays a role in a system that works.

You ll be sure to be inspired to go back to your communities and continue doing great things. See you all in October! With juveniles, the need to feel like part of a group is greater due to their young age and their removal from their parents home upon incarceration. Many individuals, who are involved in gang activities upon incarceration, use their close quarters to recruit additional members and carry out gang activities.

As the amount of incarcerated offenders involved in Security Threat Groups gangs and related activities grow, so does the number of individuals who are assaulted, extorted and threatened. The organization of the Pokies Casino Junket Companies In The Philippines program has been changed to ensure that STG tracking and management of high risk STG offenders is effective and the safety and security of all correctional facilities in the state of Indiana is maintained.

In this category an offender must only have one identifier to put them on the suspect STG list. The close monitoring of STG members in the correctional setting benefits both correctional staff and the surrounding community as a whole.

While Security Threat Group members tend to be more prevalent in adult correctional facilities, the number of youth involved in Gang activity continues to grow. Four different law enforcement area types were surveyed including rural counties, Smaller cities cities with populations between 2, and 49,larger cities cities with populations greater than 50,and suburban counties.

These groups were asked to report information on youth gangs in their jurisdiction. Youth gangs were defined by OJJDP as a group of youths or young adults in your jurisdiction that you or other responsible persons in your agency or community are willing to identify as a gang.

Inall law enforcement agencies reported youth gang problems in their areas. To that end, the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility has developed a program designed to target youth who are involved in STG activities both inside and outside of the correctional setting. W program, which stands for Gang Realities in Our World, was implemented in It targets teenage offenders with ties to gangs in Indiana s communities.

It is the mentality of the gang itself that is being targeted, rather than targeting any particular gang. Offenders that have been assigned to the G. W Continued the book Gangbusters by Lonnie Jackson and it addresses gang involvement head on and challenges the thinking of the youth who are involved in gangs. The group is designed make participants think Casino Live Westville Pendleton Correctional Facility Indiana the outcome of their actions and the actions of their fellow gang members.

It then redirects their thinking from having their needs met in an anti-social manner to having the needs met in a pro-social manner. Each participant is challenged to think about who their decisions impact and if they would want their gang involvement to negatively affect those that they care about.

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Overall the group is comprised of fifteen lessons that all offenders must participate in to complete the G. Once an individual is assigned to the G. According to the Indiana Department of Correction statistics, juvenile males have a recidivism rate of To date 69 offenders have graduated from the program and subsequently left the facility.

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While there is no way to combat all gang activity inside the Indiana Department of Correction there are interventions that can be utilized to reduce STG activity inside the facility and in turn in the community.

Currently there are 10 offenders participating in the G. The process will then start over for the next group of individuals who are in need of intensive gang intervention. With diligence and close monitoring of STG offenders, all DOC facilities can become safer for both offenders and staff. All of these Subject Matter Experts put their heads together to work collaboratively in lieu of public silos. Both workshops focused on "what works", identifying solutions and best practices.

We also want to acknowledge the Juvenile and Adult Ex-Offenders whose input became valuable. Our vender area was well represented by 11 vendors, thanks to Lashelle Turner and Ron Leffler.

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  1. Facility Summary. Established Security Level Minimum Maximum. Avg Daily Population Calendar Year Housing Celled Space, Dormitory, Male Death Row Offenders. Warden Ron Neal This Community Advisory Board is for the Indiana State Prison and Westville Correctional Facility. CAB Members.:
    The completed application must be mailed to the offender's IDOC facility. Faxes and emails are not accepted. If you are uncertain as to whether you are on an offender's visitors list or to check the status of your application, please contact the offender you wish to visit. It is the responsibility of the offender to notify their visitor of. The Indiana Department of Correction is looking for talented, professional individuals who are interested in a challenging and rewarding career. A career in corrections will provide you with a chance to serve the community and make a difference. How to Apply: Visit the Indiana State Job Bank at; Click on. Facility Summary. Established Security Level Medium. Avg Daily Population Calendar Year Housing Dormitories. Warden Mark Sevier. Address South West Westville, IN Phone Number () Westville Correctional Facility Brochure  Missing: pendleton.
  2. The Pendleton Correctional Facility, formerly known as the Indiana Reformatory, is a state prison located in Fall Creek Township, Madison County, near Pendleton and about 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Indianapolis. Established in , it was built to replace the Indiana State Reformatory located in Jeffersonville after a  Missing: casino ‎live.:
    The Westville Correctional Facility, located in Westville, Indiana, is a state-operated prison for adult males. The facility contains sections of three levels of security. The average daily population in September was approximately 3, At Westville, 49% of the inmate population are people of color, slightly higher than the  Missing: casino ‎live. Work Camps / Work Release / Road Prisons, Suwannee Work Camp - (Male), US Highway 90, Live Oak, Florida, , () , Work Camps / Work State Correctional Facility, Westville Correctional Facility, South West, Westville, Indiana, , () , State Correctional. Reception Diagnostic Center again teamed up with the Indiana Blood Center to host a blood drive, where staff members gave their right arm to help save lives. The Pendleton Correctional Facility Aquaponics Program recently donated thirty pounds of tilapia fish and approximately three pounds of parsley to the Operation.
  3. 1 Application can be found on Page 5. 2 I N D I A N A C O R R E C T I O N A L A S S O C I A T I O N ICA Board Contact List P A G E 2 President: Eric Comeno, Regional Training Manager Westville Correctional Facility South West Westville, Indiana Phone Vice President / President Elect: Mary Leffler.:
    Later, State Prison South became the Indiana Reformatory and State Prison North became known as Indiana State Prison. reformatory for a two to fourteen years sentence for assault and battery with intent to murder, on November 17,, Pierpont was transferred to the newly built reformatory at Pendleton, Indiana.
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Each of these specialty groups was assigned to a professional in the field who would provide them guidance in learning the craft. Some of the tasks inmates participated in included bricklaying, plumbing, roofing, electrical work, and painting. John Dillinger , the notorious bank robber and one of the prison's most famous inmates, was sent to the Indiana State Reformatory at Pendleton in the mids.

In September , Dillinger and a friend robbed a grocery store in Mooresville, Indiana. While the grocer was not seriously hurt, Dillinger did beat him with an iron belt wrapped in cloth. His sentencing of 10—20 years was the maximum sentence one could receive for the crime. While at Pendleton, Dillinger worked in the shirt factory at the facility and often succeeded in doubling his quota.

After his wife, Beryl, divorced him and he was denied parole in , Dillinger requested and was granted a transfer to the State Prison at Michigan City, Indiana. After he was finally granted parole in May , he continued his storied escapades around the Mid-West until he was shot and killed on July 22, An inmate, Lincoln Love still incarcerated [3] , was badly beaten by correctional officers after he refused to vacate his cell during a weapons check, also called a shakedown.

Tear gas was used in large quantities in the cellblock, although eyewash was only offered to the officers. Inmates John Cole and Christopher Trotter rushed to the maximum restraint unit where the beating had taken place and scuffled with two correctional officers, stabbing both of the officers.

They held staff hostage when they took over the J-Cellhouse. After the riot was over, inmates had stabbed seven correctional officers and held three employees hostage for 17 hours.

In , the superintendent of the Indiana Reformatory, Edward L. Cohn, was reprimanded for shackling inmates in manners that violated current prison standards. Inmates were shackled in a position that allowed them neither to stand up nor lay straight. One prisoner was kept in a maximum-restraint unit in this position for seven days, not even being allowed to loosen his shackles to eat or to use the bathroom.

On another occasion, seven inmates wearing only underwear were placed in a single room. After two of the inmates were removed, the remaining five were put in restraints consistent with those mentioned in the previous incidents for one day. These were not the only cases of illegal restraints being used on prisoners. As a result of these incidents, Superintendent Cohn was placed on paid leave for approximately three months. In later years Edward L.

Cohn went on to become the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Correction. In , Pendleton came under fire for allowing an unsafe environment for inmates after two prisoners were fatally stabbed within a two-week period. Jesus Rodriquez [4] was killed while he was in the segregation unit and Samuel Miller [5] was murdered the day after he was released from the same unit.

Two separate incidents involving sexual misconduct between employees and inmates brought to light in The first occurred on December 8 of the previous year. An inmate and a female nurse were caught on camera engaging in a sexual act in a closet. The cameras were in place to record possible tobacco trafficking believed to have been occurring in the closet. Clips of the tape from the camera were shown often on the news during the scandal. It was later revealed that she had consensual sex with an inmate in a hallway.

On May 1, , an unidentified caller phoned the Pendleton Correctional Facility about plans of assaults and escape attempts by the inmates. The phone call occurred at a time during which prisoners had set up an eight-step action plan. During the lockdown, brown bag lunches were served, classes were not allowed to meet, and visiting hours were cut down.

The lockdown lasted a total of five months, one of the longest in recent years of any prison in Indiana. On October 9, , at Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at 1: Rios was convicted in October for the murder of his 3 children and his wife in Fort Wayne , Indiana in December Westville offers a wide variety of programs to help rehabilitate inmates and give back to the community.

The inmates have the opportunity to take programs on ELS, general literacy, GED , and vocational programs in auto body, building trades, culinary arts, electronics and many others. So, as far as the value of the education, that remains a separate issue. This program aims to teach inmates positive social skills and to change the core thinking to more constructive and beneficial behaviors. In addition to these programs, other courses on substance abuse, transitioning from prison life back into society and many others are offered.

Since the DOC began giving time cuts for inmates that complete certain educational programs, many have obtained earlier releases. The facility focuses on keeping fathers connected with their children while in prison through programs such as Inside Out Dads, a program developed for prisons by the National Fatherhood Initiative http: TC also has a new program aimed at helping offenders learn to manage money, become debt free, and to save and spend wisely.

Dave Ramsey's nationally known program, Financial Peace University is now being taught within the Therapeutic Community. FPU is a biblically based curriculum that teaches offenders how to handle money God's ways. A new program introduced by the prison is Mixed Up Mutts, which allows inmates to work with stray dogs and teach them basic obedience skills. The prison hopes that this program gives the inmates a very satisfying interaction with animals and that it has a general positive effect on them.

The Lions Club Program has inmates sort through and clean donated glasses which are then sorted by prescription. So far the program has processed over two million pairs of glasses. In , the prison was ordered to move female inmates to other state facilities in order to comply with a lawsuit filed claiming that women received unfair treatment at the prison.

According to several inmates, the women at Westville were not allowed options such as work opportunities outside the facility, General Equivalency Diploma program and literacy program.

As recently as , Westville faced two legal battles, both pertaining to violations of freedoms. The first dealt with an officer assigned to the vehicle trap, Nancy Spiegla, who began to notice suspicious activity by two officers outside the gates of the prison.

Spiegla witnessed two officers transferring large bags from cars. When the officers attempted to enter the facility, Speigla demanded that she be allowed to search their car, which was a routine duty of hers.

However, the officers argued that law enforcement vehicles were exempt from this rule and rejected the car search.

Later, Speigla decided to inform the assistant superintendent about the incident but was surprised when nothing was done about the matter and she was demoted to a lower-ranking position with a pay cut. Speigla pursued her complaint in court, which ultimately ruled in her favor. However, she was never given back her original position. The second case involved Robert Badelle [1] , an inmate at Westville, and a letter he wrote to the superintendent.

In , Badelle had been charged with murder and sentenced to a prison term of thirty years, even though Badelle and two Indiana police officers maintain that he is innocent.

Upset one night about his imprisonment, Badelle decided to write the superintendent a letter in which he explained his discontent and his thoughts of escaping. In addition to this, the court ruled that Badelle should indeed be transferred to another prison.

The most controversial lawsuit involved inmate Donald W. Once there, he was put on several medications; however, no doctor examination was administered before or after he began taking the medication.

After almost 17 months of taking the medication, Holtz one day refused to take his medications. He was then placed in a four-way restraint and given medication through a series of shots, all while remaining in seclusion for three days. Smith, who was dismissed in January when he told an Internal Affairs officer that he requested a lawyer be present before being questioned about an undisclosed incident.

In his lawsuit [3] , Smith alleges Westville and its public information officer John Schrader violated Indiana's Access to Public Records Act "APRA" when Schrader failed to disclose certain records relating to his dismissal and other alleged incidents that occurred while Smith was employed at Westville.

In May , Officer Ashley S. Porter was injured on the job while performing her duties. Westville failed to grant her workers compensation and a suit was filed against the company for wrongful termination, harassment and medical bills accrued during her treatment for the work-related injury. The case is currently open.


In , the prison buildings were in poor repair and the decision was made that it would be built a new in nearby Clarksville. Another prison opened in the northern part of the state in Michigan City, Indiana and the inmates were divided between the two.

In , due to the belief that young male offenders should not be housed with their older counterparts, inmates were divided by age between the South and North. The Indiana State Prison South became home to inmates age 16 to 30 and the prison was renamed the Indiana Reformatory. During the night of February 6, , a fire severely damaged the majority of the buildings at Clarksville.

A plot of land south of the city of Pendleton was selected because Fall Creek provided a source of running water. The construction commenced at the new locale during March Folz was the architect in charge of designing the new prison. The original facilities included three cell houses, a dormitory, and the administration building. Construction on the prison continued until March when A.

Miles, the General Superintendent, ended the contracts with the architect and other contractors. He proposed completing construction on the prison using inmates as the laborers.

Miles organized the prisoners into groups, with each group concentrating on a specific aspect of the work. Each of these specialty groups was assigned to a professional in the field who would provide them guidance in learning the craft. Some of the tasks inmates participated in included bricklaying, plumbing, roofing, electrical work, and painting. John Dillinger , the notorious bank robber and one of the prison's most famous inmates, was sent to the Indiana State Reformatory at Pendleton in the mids.

In September , Dillinger and a friend robbed a grocery store in Mooresville, Indiana. While the grocer was not seriously hurt, Dillinger did beat him with an iron belt wrapped in cloth. His sentencing of 10—20 years was the maximum sentence one could receive for the crime.

While at Pendleton, Dillinger worked in the shirt factory at the facility and often succeeded in doubling his quota. After his wife, Beryl, divorced him and he was denied parole in , Dillinger requested and was granted a transfer to the State Prison at Michigan City, Indiana. After he was finally granted parole in May , he continued his storied escapades around the Mid-West until he was shot and killed on July 22, An inmate, Lincoln Love still incarcerated [3] , was badly beaten by correctional officers after he refused to vacate his cell during a weapons check, also called a shakedown.

Tear gas was used in large quantities in the cellblock, although eyewash was only offered to the officers. Inmates John Cole and Christopher Trotter rushed to the maximum restraint unit where the beating had taken place and scuffled with two correctional officers, stabbing both of the officers. They held staff hostage when they took over the J-Cellhouse. Jack Rose Highway P. Chaney Correctional Center N. Burke Correctional Center S. Sherrer Correctional Center North 14th St. Croix Correctional Center N.

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Reload to refresh your session. All of Westville Correctional Facility s Therapeutic Community offenders participated in a Field Day where the clean, healthy living commitment of the offenders was recognized through sporting events and games.

The day was hosted by the TC s creative energy group, which is made of a staff member and selected offenders who promote healthy hobbies. Offenders from the Putnamville Correctional Facility have donated arts and crafts for display at the Putnam County Museum. Their pieces will remain on display through mid-september , and one of the offender s art pieces is featured on the cover page of the museum s newsletter.

PEN products at the Correctional Industrial Facility concluded its production of building picnic tables this week. Beginning April 1, they have constructed 4, picnic tables. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. Eliot Friday, August 1, Putnamville Correctional Facility held a dedication ceremony for the newly completed wind turbine and in honor of deceased Director of Contract Compliance, Larry Lazart.

Westville Correctional Facility s Vocational Horticultural Class was recognized by the Save the Dunes project for its contribution in helping control the invasive Purple Loosestrife plant that clogs the dunes wetlands. The class used the retrieved plants by allowing beetles to hatch onto them and replanting the plants around the city to conserve the beetle population.

Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility held a graduation service for 12 offenders who earned their GEDs and 1 offender who earned his high school diploma. There were 24 guests and family members who attended the ceremonies. Hale has worked at MCF since March and was among the first 30 custody staff hired. Parole agents and supervisors at Parole District 3 conducted 4 sweeps during the month of July, which were all carried out in collaboration with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in an effort to address the recent rise in violence.

This money will be used to build playgrounds near correctional facilities devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Over 30 staff and family members attended the graduation ceremony. Miami Correctional Facility s INShape Committee hosted a softball game between custody brackets and non-custody recently.

Members of the I-Bracket won the overall tournament defeating the K-Bracket and non-custody staff in two different games. Also, over 2, items donated to the facility are to help the victims of domestic violence. JoAnn Fabrics and the Bloomington Unitarian Universalist Church provided materials and funding to make the project possible. The crew is helping prepare a park building for remodeling. He who faces no calamity will need no courage. Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in a soil with a strong mixture of troubles.

A community service crew made up of staff and students from Camp Summit helped complete construction of 2 new Habitat for Humanity homes in LaPorte this week. These homes represent the 10 th and 11 th homes Camp Summit has helped construct. The ceremony was the culmination of 2 weeks of training, in which the recipients were taught how to work with their dogs. This is an annual community service project and collaboration.

Members were apprised of facility updates and ASCA Data information, toured a housing and segregation unit and the Chapel, and observed programming.

This group of volunteers provides Bible studies, worship services, and various volunteer programs to the prison. Pendleton Correctional Facility recently donated 30 bicycles to the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Home that were refurbished by offenders assigned to the facility s Shifting Gears program. This is the second donation from offenders at New Castle. The funds will be put to good use, helping to build playgrounds for youth in areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility held its first incentive party for offenders who received all of their incentive points for good behavior during the month of July. There were 27 offenders able to participate in this event. In addition to the etiquette lesson, the dinner was in celebration of the PLUS Unit reaching full capacity for the first time.

The garden is maintained by the facility s Landscape Management class. The Saints Prison Ministry is based in New Jersey and travels to promote community involvement to raise morale and contact between the offenders and society.

Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. The theme for the gathering was building good relationships. Since the initiation of the Future Soldiers program, two of the graduates have been accepted into the Armed Forces and several others are currently involved in the enlistment process.

The story will air the on the local public access cable channel in Grant County all during the month of October. The nurses rendered assistance to an unresponsive man in one of the vehicles until emergency medical services arrived at the scene.

Offenders participating in the parenting program will be videotaped reading the books, and they will send the tape home for their children to watch. The items will be given to needy children in the area for Christmas. The Reception-Diagnostic Center recently held a Sloppy Dog sloppy joes and hot dogs sale to raise money for local schools in need of supplies.

Since the first of the year, the program has donated approximately pounds of produce and 30 pounds of tilapia fish to that organization. Superintendent Mize presented an overview of the facility and Executive Assistant Jack Binion provided information relative to the facility s Shifting Gears Program.

You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour. Stella Wilson received an award for her 45 years of service, and Dana Blank, Joyce Childress, Alan Holden, and Frances Watson received awards for their 40 years of service. Madison Correctional Facility held its first annual Domestic Violence Conference, where subject matter experts from across the state held various workshops. Purdue North Central representative Ronald McGonagal spoke to the offenders about attainable goals, presented information, and encouraged higher educational opportunities.

The fair drew over offenders who asked questions, gathered materials, and explored the possibilities of a college education both during and after incarceration. The money was donated by the facility s PLUS unit and will be used to purchase volleyball uniforms.

More than volunteers grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for all offenders and staff at the facility. This was the fifth year the facility has hosted the summer event, and it is always well-received by the offenders.

The Pendleton Correctional Facility Shifting Gears bicycle restoration program recently donated bicycles to charitable organizations. Branchville Correctional Facility administration held a cookout for the hard work and effort displayed during the recent ACA Audit. The administration staff cooked hamburgers and prepared the meals so they could be delivered to all staff.

The partnership was the first of its kind for both parties, and the class was a resounding success. Two of the young men from the graduating class spoke of the trials, tests, and the awareness of their positive accomplishments. Trainers participated in programs designed to enhance their knowledge and skills.

In addition, an Awards Banquet was held to recognize dedicated staff. This year s award recipients were: Visualizing is the great secret of success. Ribbons were given for first, second, and third place winners in events ranging from track and field, to volleyball and basketball. A celebration cook-out is being held for staff and offenders to celebrate the accomplishment.

The Indianapolis Parole Office PD 3 participated in a Parole Sweep on the near Westside of Indianapolis this week in collaboration with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The joint effort, which resulted in 3 new arrests for parole violations and new criminal charges, continues to promote public safety and combat violence in the community.

The General Christian offenders at the Indiana State Prison will have a family day in the chapel this weekend. A cookout will be served to approximately family members and General Christian offenders. A guest choir called The Bible Ways from Gary will be performing.

Camp Summit conducted a major disaster drill involving mutual aid agencies, which featured an electrical fire in the school building with multiple injuries to staff and students.

Five local mutual aid agencies participated in the drill. Pendleton Correctional Facility recently conducted a Reality Check program for 8 at-risk youth from the Anderson area. This program provides an opportunity for participants to hear offenders relate the factors that resulted in their incarceration in hope of deterring young people from a life of crime. Kairos arrived at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility this week.

The three-day event helps offenders of all religious backgrounds renew their faith and achieve personal growth. Tri Kappa will use the proceeds for their various community projects. Butterworth s commitment to foster care and the successful development of special needs children was illustrated, as well as her commitment to public service.

Wyatt Mullinax to bring a special workshop and worship service to the chapel. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.

The restored vehicle from Pendleton won the Commissioner s award, while the restored vehicle from Plainfield won the People s Choice award. Congratulations to both facilities! Miami Correctional Facility recently reinstituted its Employee of the Month program, rewarding three employees each month for their outstanding contribution to the facility. Pendleton Correctional Facility, in conjunction with Vincennes University, recently implemented a program which will provide offenders the opportunity to receive college credit for completion of the facility s Graphic Communication Program.

Keynote speaker Pastor Jolinda Wade opened the seminar with a message of purpose. Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility is working with Love on a Leash to provide a mentoring experience for special needs offenders using dogs. The volunteers have divided their meetings into 4 basic sessions to discuss animal behavior and care. The band conducted two performances for offenders housed inside the maximum security facility and then provided a third concert for offenders housed in the minimum security housing unit located outside the walls of the facility.

Thirty-nine employees from Westville Correctional Facility with 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of state service were honored at a special recognition luncheon prepared and served by the Culinary Arts class. Superintendent William Wilson gave the keynote address, and each honoree received a certificate and a pin. Correctional Industrial Facility recognized National Recovery Month by putting up a display this week near the front of the facility for staff and visitors to become more familiar with the Therapeutic Community.

In another story, local media featured the success of the Restorative Justice program, which allows residents to begin to repair the harm that their crime and incarceration has caused to those that they have offended. Correctional Industrial Facility took in 8 Mixed Mutts from the nearby shelter this week. After 2 months of training, the dogs will be available for adoption. Calamari Productions producer Karen Grau arrived at Indianapolis Juvenile Correctional Facility this week to film a juvenile female student who will be the subject of an upcoming documentary about juvenile females in the correctional system.

They play next for a playoff berth. They found that the juvenile recidivism rate is To view the report in its entirety, follow the link: Attorney General Steve Carter held a press conference about the statewide initiative to address underage drinking and driving, teen date violence, and teen suicide prevention at Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility.

This was followed by Joni Irwin, of the Jason Foundation, who held a training session at the facility to train staff members on youth suicide prevention. The donation represents proceeds from a fundraiser sponsored by the facility s American Legion Organization. IDOC will be the first state corrections agency to have such an agreement. Five of those victims were staff at PCF. Miami Correctional Facility staff recently rallied to support a fellow staff member who lost his home in a fire.

Rick Perdue lost his home and all of its contents in a fire Aug. Two members of Scotland Yard, assigned to the training division, received a tour of the Indiana State Prison. Alan Hiscox and Steve Lorrigan said visiting the prison was the highlight of their trip to America.

The residents assisted with setting up the Roadeo courses and equipment demos. Several representatives of the Evansville Parole Office attended a two-day Security Threat Groups seminar for law enforcement, parole, probation, and other community partners. Topics discussed were gang recognition, internet pervasiveness, and safety.

This week, volunteers from Prison Fellowship provided more than elephant ears to both offenders and staff of Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility. Aramark provided the drinks for this event. It allowed the residents to care for realistic baby dolls and gave them the idea of how fatherhood is a hour job. Department of Labor presented 33 offenders with their apprenticeship certificates in the chapel.

A special, annual recognition picnic luncheon was held over the weekend for the more than volunteers at Westville Correctional Facility. Multiple awards and prizes were given to the programs and volunteers. She will be released from the facility soon and will immediately begin college in pursuit of a nursing degree. TC staff manned the grills and served the offenders a picnic lunch.

The students will receive training for the positions of correctional officer and maintenance foreman. This is the second group of interns to have participated in the program.

MCF staff donated a total of 52 good units, which is nearly half of the total units, which gave the Battle s trophy to the law enforcement team. Putnamville Correctional Facility hosted a wellness fair this week. Employees from Curves, Hoosier Start, Dr.

Since January , over 1, bicycles have been received by the facility for refurbishing and over bikes have been refurbished and donated to charitable organizations.

Correctional Industrial Facility held a two-day food sale. The facility will have more events in the upcoming weeks. The Pendleton Correctional Facility recently conducted a Reality Check program for five 5 at risk youth from the Muncie area. The program provides an opportunity for participants to hear offenders relate the factors that resulted in their incarceration in hope of deterring young people from a life of crime.

Since then, handlers have spent time socializing and familiarizing themselves with their perspective dogs. This two-year college degree program will make use of the greenhouse with an educational opportunity for about 20 offenders and will also provide plants and items to beautify the prison grounds.

From the Office of Edwin G. PEN Products work release offenders were also on hand to fill the backpacks with supplies. After introductions, offender volunteers and club members assembled cookbooks for the master gardeners upcoming fundraiser. Sutton toured the facility and watched as the Reading with Dad and Me program was conducted. For the fiscal year so far, the facility has graduated 41 students, with 3 of those students having earned an honors diploma.

The offenders had completed their on-the-job training and required class work while working in the PEN operation. As a result, 4 arrests were made. Children and fathers enjoyed games, refreshments, and magic tricks performed by Correctional Officer Joseph Browning. Staff and offenders of the Indiana Women s Prison Outreach Program made and donated a total of hats, scarves and mitten sets to the Centenary Christian Church who sponsors the Mitten Tree for under privileged children.

Bill Bruinsma and Chuck Whetstone, along with St. The committee commended IJCF on the improved education system and monitoring of the student social culture. The Judges were very impressed with the facility, the programs available, and the residents. After the service the CMA will hold a bike show while taking the opportunity to minister to the offender population. A record number of donors participated in the event to help resupply the blood bank.

Madison Correctional Facility opened a bed work release center this week for women from southeast Indiana. We'll smell smoke then, and feel an unexpected sharpness, a thrill of nervousness, swift elation, a sense of sadness and departure. Pendleton Correctional Facility conducted a vocational education graduation ceremony where 84 offenders received certificates in recognition of completing Auto Body, Carpentry, Barbering, Printing, or Welding programs.

The program gives residents the opportunity to participate in a college class at the facility with students from IUPUI. Mike Meyers, manager of the Summit Farm at the Indiana State Prison, received a letter of commendation from the LaPorte County Red Cross for donating watermelons to various shelters, food kitchens, food pantries and daycare centers.

The program addressed National Recovery Month by including a presentation by a Therapeutic Community inmate, who had rejected a modified sentence for early release.

He felt completing the TC program was more important than going home right away. Branchville s Therapeutic Communities created posters and fliers, which were displayed throughout the facility in celebration of National Recovery Month. Offenders wrote songs, poems, and stories and created and performed skits about recovery. Approximately 72 Parolees from the Evansville Parole District attended CareerFest Fall CareerFest is the largest and most respected job fair in the Tri-state area, bringing together qualified applicants with quality employers.

Camp Summit sponsored 2 staff training sessions this week on suicide prevention through the Jason Foundation and the Office of the Indiana Attorney General as part of Indiana s Safe Student Initiative. Wabash Valley Correctional Facility recently held a PREP Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program weekend, bringing 12 couples together for intense talks about expectations, commitment, feeling understood and forgiveness.

Plainfield Re-entry Educational Facility residents were given the opportunity to write down an addiction put it into a balloon filled with helium. Residents released the balloons all at once to signify escaping from their problems.

Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. Branchville Correctional Facility received a refurbished GMC C Fire Master fire engine, which was excess property at Logansport State Hospital, for part of a mutual aid agreement between the facility and area volunteer fire departments. Miami Correctional Facility donated over pounds of vegetables from its offender garden to the Kokomo Rescue Mission.

The unit also made many pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. Robert Petty and Alfred Grambo from the International Table Tennis Association put on a table tennis clinic for offenders at Plainfield Correctional Facility in hopes of using the sport to boost confidence.

The facility donated approximately lbs. The ministry uses puppets, witnessing, and live music to relay their message. Delbert Boone, authority on addiction and criminal behavior, spoke at the Westville Correctional Facility. Boone addressed offenders assigned to the facility s Therapeutic Community and provided inspiration to staff and offenders alike. To date, have graduated from the program.

Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. The program engages promising staff in workshops to improve leadership skills. As a member of this team, Doug will receive advanced training as an offender workforce development specialist OWDS and will be able to take this training back to Indiana to train others. Within the first two weeks of opening, all 10 offenders assigned to the new Jefferson Community Re-entry Center have obtained employment!

Lords Locker assists the facility by supplying clothing for offenders upon release. Department of Labor Apprenticeship program. The operation refurbishes portable medical equipment. Rockville Correctional Facility held their third blood drive of , resulting in the donation of 13 units.

Pendleton Correctional Facility received photographs of an orphan in Haiti who was a recipient of a wheelchair restored in the Wheels for the World program. Orphanage staff expressed their gratitude for the detail and quality of the wheelchair.

Reception Diagnostic Center hosted a blood drive with the Indiana Blood Center, with 12 units of blood being donated. Indiana State Prison issued educational certificates, including 50 GEDs and vocational certificates at a ceremony.

The training helps offenders provide textbooks for Indiana schools. The Plainfield Correctional Facility held its annual Christmas behind Bars Program, which presented 7 different workshops. Pendleton Correctional Facility conducted a graduation ceremony to honor 25 offenders for completing the Vocational Horticulture Program.

The Indianapolis Star recently highlighted Plainfield Re-entry Educational Facility s Reading with Dad and Me program in which residents videotape reading a children's book aloud and send a DVD recording of the reading to their children.

In small groups, students exchanged ideas and view points and collaborated on the writing assignments. Miami Correctional Facility recently hosted its third Kairos Prison Ministry weekend event, which included talks, discussions, meditations, worship, and music. More than 50 volunteers came together to put on the weekend for about 30 offenders. The program features CLIFF program participants talking to youth on how their drug use lead to criminal acts, broken homes and families, and incarceration.

Westville Correctional Facility held a ceremony recognizing the GEDs, vocational education certificates, several correspondence Associate s degrees, and one correspondence Bachelor s degree awarded this year. Acoustic rock group Blue Sky Nine recently visited Indianapolis Juvenile Correctional Facility to put on a mini concert for the female population. The band performed several songs that deal with teenage and young adult experiences and life questions. The students received information about the facility work crews and programs.

A film crew from the 3 Angels Broadcasting Company visited the Pendleton Correctional Facility to conduct a site survey in preparation for an upcoming project. They will tape the facility s Reality Check Program and a religious service program.

Madison Mayor Tim Armstrong and Police Chief John Wallace hosted a cookout lunch for city street employees and the crews from the Madison Correctional Facility as a thank you for cleaning up the city from summer s wind storm damage.

The training will assist Agents in monitoring high risk sex offenders in the community. The Correctional Industrial Facility hosted its fourth Kairos weekend event. Kairos Prison Ministry is an international, layled Christian ministry which conducts a highly structured program designed for use in correctional institutions. Les Scrogham with a Governor s Distinguished Hoosier Award in honor of his 44 years of service with the Department and a job well done.

The students held a fundraiser walkathon and solicited donations for the local charity. They swept multiple areas with Ft. Wayne and Indiana State Police technicians. Seminarians from the Calvary Chapel Bible College have been assisting students at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility each Wednesday morning tutoring offenders referred to them by their teachers on a variety of education subjects. David Link was the guest speaker and 40 family members attended.

Indiana Women s Prison and Oakland City University staff hosted a haunted house and a fall festival, complete with crafts, popcorn, cider and hot dog eating contest, for the offender population. Pendleton Correctional Facility staff donated 19 units of blood that were collected by the Indiana Regional Blood Center.

Correctional Industrial Facility hosted an Inside-Out Dads Halloween party for 45 dads, 93 children, and 10 volunteers. Pendleton Correctional Facility agreed to help refurbish 8, livestock gates and fabricating fencing at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, which will create 50 new offender jobs. Inmates in the Westville Correctional Facility PLUS program hand-decorated small pumpkins that will be given to children coming to the visiting room over the weekend as part of a Halloween celebration.

Staff and offenders of the Indiana Women s Prison Outreach Program sent 80 homemade quilts, pillows, and carrying bags to the American Legion to be given to homeless veterans this week.

The Fun Fest was open to all employees and their children and was the kick off for the quarter-mile trail, named Miami in Motion. Miami Correctional Facility allowed children of staff members to come in during Halloween and have their Trick or Treat candy x-rayed. Attendance among Parolees was high, with 98 percent of expected parolees attending. The fair offered tips on how to lose weight, blood pressure screenings, diabetes prevention, and flu shots.

Students learned about enlistment and career possibilities and how the National Guard keeps Indiana and the nation safe. Many of the graduates had friends and family in attendance. Westville Correctional Facility s new music group preformed their first facility concert for staff and offenders.

Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certificates. The offenders completed on-the-job training and class work by working in the PEN Products industries.

Horstman and veterinarian students from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine who performed pregnancy checks on 24 bred heifers and 36 bred cows. Volunteers from Kingsway Christian Church hosted a birthday celebration for 24 students at Indianapolis Juvenile Correctional Facility. Each student celebrated the importance of their creation and the value of their lives. His visit was a tremendous lift to many of the students at the facility.

The program was organized and conducted by offenders involved in the facility s American Legion program. The class is the only program of its kind in the world. The Indiana Women s Prison held a mini The marathon allowed offenders to accomplish their personal goals. Supervisors and Agents from Indianapolis Parole District 3 worked with law enforcement agencies and contributed hours to track an extremely high-risk sex offender.

The offender was apprehended on new criminal charges. Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility had its final harvest out of the facility garden. With the pounds of turnips harvested this week, the Landscape Management vocational class tallied a total of 16, pounds of produce for From the Office of Edwin G. The judges enjoyed a tour of the facility, an ICAN presentation, and a meal prepared by Inmate-to-Workmate program participants. The Woman s Press Club of Indiana WPCI prison writing contest has concluded and had an all-time high of entries poems, 53 short stories, and 71 essays.

An Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Custody Supervisors meeting was held at the Putnamville State Police Post with presentations on incident reviews, CAPS training, K-9 cell phone detection, command center operations, and chemical munitions conversion.

The Crisis Center, Inc. Edinburgh Correctional Facility staff donated 5 large bags of clothing and 7 boxes of toys for children to the Lords Locker in Trafalgar, IN. The Lords Locker will use the donations to help those in need during the holiday season. The money will be used to purchase Christmas presents for needy children. The Equine Management Program now has a total of 28 horses. Residents experienced what it is like to care for an infant while it cries and fusses.

The offenders unloaded trucks as the food was delivered. The presentation focused on the parole population s needs, involvement from those in attendance, and how the re-entry effort improves lives in communities. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard gave the opening address prior to workshops aimed at strengthening the community. Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility s Auxiliary Committee held a staff pitch-in dinner for employees to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Donations were taken to raise money for care packages that will be sent to deployed IDOC staff. Rogers, Chaplain at the Indiana State Prison, spoke to approximately 50 Valparaiso University students about prison chaplaincy as a special ministry for the university s Church Vocations Series.

Offenders in his class will be able to earn college credit for this program. The program lasted 13 weeks and helped offenders develop skills to become a better parent and a positive role model. The committee, comprised of offenders and Executive staff, was developed to improve communication and conditions for offenders. The Wheels for the World operation at the Pendleton Correctional Facility recently refurbished wheelchairs and 10 walkers that will be sent to the Republic of Ghana in western Africa.

Approximately 60 staff and visitors attended. The shop employs 10 offender workers, who remain in the shop the entire day and receive an exact number of shirts each morning. The offenders goal is to prevent teens from making the same mistakes they made, which ended in incarceration. The production is being taped for viewing by troubled teens in alternative high schools. In a special ceremony, Camp Summit recognized its 17 th graduate of Aramark s Inmate 2 Workmate program, which is a program designed to offer vocational education in the food service arena.

Over 7, people, who would otherwise go without, were fed dinner. Family and friends were invited to the ceremony, and Ms.

The money will be used for the toy drive that will assist families in the local community. Mark s Episcopal Church Food Bank to assist in restocking the shelves of their food pantry during the holiday season.

Mark s was chosen to be the recipient of the funds raised by the facility s PLUS unit because of the charity they bestowed upon DOC employees during the June floods.

Pendleton Correctional Facility presented two old windows from the Superintendent s office, dating back to the construction of the facility, to the Pendleton Historical Museum. The scores were a 3. Correctional Industrial Facility s F. There was considerable paw shaking going on and a good time was had by all.

The items donated to the recreation department included basketballs, a stereo, pool table covers, a sweeper, cue racks, arts and crafts items, ping pong paddles and balls, and an air pump.

Pendleton Correctional Facility s Shifting Gears operation refurbished 53 bicycles during November, and the Wheels for the World operation restored 17 wheelchairs during November. Maxwell Commissioner Buss announced the launch of the Commissioner s Blog, where he will be posting articles for all DOC employees to see. Comments to those posts are encouraged! The blog can be found at: For 12 hours, volunteers from multiple churches cooked and collected 40, cookies to distribute a dozen to each inmate at Westville Correctional Facility.

They also provided inspirational lessons and sang Christmas carols. Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility PLUS offenders are doing work for staff inside the facility, and the payment for all this work will be food donations to a local food bank.

The Indiana State Prison hosted its third parenting class graduation for 40 offenders. Assistant Superintendant McBride congratulated the class on succeeding in following through on the program to the finish as it is important to maintain contact with their families. Offenders at Pendleton Correctional Facility were permitted to purchase Kentucky Fried Chicken this week in connection with a fundraiser sponsored by the facility s American Legion organization.

Half of the profit will be donated to charity. Madison Correctional Facility held two graduations this week. The award celebrates dignity, courage, hope, and recovery in the ongoing treatment of persons with serious and persistent mental illness SPMI.

Mennonite congregations from Central Indiana distributed cookies and cards at the Correctional Industrial Facility. Plainfield Correctional Facility began collecting holiday cards for men and women in the Armed Services who are currently overseas.

The cards will be sent to give them a sense of home and remind them that they aren t forgotten. A lasagna dinner was prepared and served by Inmate to Workmate participants and entertainment was provided by offenders. Prison Fellowship provided students at Northeast Juvenile Correctional Facility a traditional Christmas Dinner, along with singing and a message from Rev.

Gifts were presented to the recipients, one of which is a recent Camp Summit graduate now in the National Guard. For the 5 th year, the 17 staff members of the Evansville Parole Office collected canned goods and toys for two local charities: Marine Corps Toys for Tots. Miami Correctional Facility delivered more than bags of Ramen Noodles, along with several other food, paper, and hygiene items, from the facility food drive to Helping Hands Food Pantry and the Salvation Army of Peru.

Staff and businesses donated gifts, which Santa delivered to the local schools. Thomas Moore Catholic Church donated approximately toys for distribution at the Indiana State Prison to the children visiting with offenders during the holiday.

Christmas Behind Bars Outreach Ministry volunteers gave gift bags to all offenders and staff at Pendleton Correctional. Branchville Correctional Facility hosted its first annual Kwanzaa Celebration.

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