Old Super Yarn Mart Patterns Of Evidence

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Old Super Patterns Of Yarn Mart Evidence

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Years ago there used to be a company called super yarn mart They had a tremendous variety of yarn and lots of free patterns in I assume "old" Mr. Just found this site and I am looking Super Yarn Mart I still have some of their yarn in my stash and just a few of their patterns. I still have the old all. The Yarn Mart, Little Rock If I need help with a pattern or a yarn substituti on I know I can go in to the Yarn Mart and get Heather taught my 9 yr old to /5(63).

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They did move electronics out of one of the isles and put party stuff in. But Paw, bein' t' good hearted fella t'he is, saw just how much trouble I was having pullin' those threads through,an' he done struk up on an idear!! There is a store and mail order store in New York City called Smileys yarns. Yep, pulls out size 30 thread with what seemed the tiniest hook ever and she begins by teaching me how to make the tiniest chain known to woman, then launches into pineapple-doily-mode. Dian, re dye plant posting - that is not true. This stuff has the color and dye lot hand written on the label. Before Fad and will be there A.

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And do you have a pattern to share? I do think it's a good one though overall and I really hope that knitting and the craft movement as a whole are long-lived. Summer school at Hawthorne Intermediate: I use it for almost all charity things, unless there is something specific requested. I do use acrylic for ponchos, etc. Kareen, the problem with Walmart deciding what you need or not is that there are no other places left to go to. My granny taught me how to crochet over 25 years ago and it's my most wonderful memory of her.

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Dot's so simple wimple. I just picked up two purple simply soft to make a wimple and I love the stuuff. I vote for a button creation! I just wish Target sold paint and Michael's sold fabric! I loved that I was a little kid in a grown-up world who was able to knit-up a mean sweater in hours, intarsia even, and that I could make enough granny squares in an hour to fill the bed of a Dodge Ram truck. Where does it go?

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