State Of Texas Real Estate License Requirements

Practicing real estate in Texas requires a license. To obtain a Texas real estate license, you must complete classroom hours, pass a prelicensing exam and submit an application to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Two types of licenses enable you to sell real estate in Texas: As a Texas real estate sales agent, you are authorized to sell real estate, but you must work for a licensed broker in the state. You may not own your own real estate company or sell real estate on your own behalf. Becoming a Texas real estate sales agent requires completing hours of classroom education and passing an exam.

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The prelicensing course includes 60 hours on principles of real estate, 30 hours on agency law, 30 hours on contract law, 30 hours on promulgated contract forms and 30 hours on real estate finance. You may complete these hours in a physical classroom or online. Some students feel they learn more in an actual classroom, while others elect the online class to go at their own pace and potentially finish in well under hours.

The sales agent exam is offered at designated testing Riverbelle Free Online Casino Play For Fun throughout the state.

Once you complete the prelicensing course, you receive a certificate that grants you permission to take the exam. After passing the exam, submit your pass certificate and certificate of course completion to the state with your license application. Texas real estate brokers are authorized to work for themselves and conduct real estate transactions on their own behalf. Real estate brokers may also hire sales agents to work for them for a commission split. Becoming a licensed broker is a prerequisite to owning a real estate company and building an agency.

You must have four years of experience as a real estate sales agent to apply for a broker license in Texas. This experience can be in Texas or in another state, but it must have taken place during the preceding 60 months.

The education requirements for a broker are much more stringent than for a sales agent. You must have completed hours in state-approved related education; a bachelor's degree from an accredited university satisfies this requirement. You also must complete hours in State Of Texas Real Estate License Requirements education, which you can take in a physical classroom or online. The broker exam is the next step after you take the prelicensing courses. Like the sales agent exam, the broker exam is held at designated testing centers throughout Texas.

You are required to submit an exam pass certificate, a prelicensing course completion certificate and proof of hours of related education with your broker application to the state.

If you are applying to become a sales agent or a broker, you must be fingerprinted and pay an application fee before Texas grants your license. Your fingerprints are used to conduct a background check that ensures you have no disqualifying criminal records, such as felonies or crimes related to fraud, in your background.

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Texas does not grant real estate sales agent or broker licenses until the background check results are acceptable. The state also denies real estate licenses to applicants who are in default on certain types of student loans. If you fall into this category but meet the remaining criteria to get licensed, you can have your application approved by getting on a repayment plan for your defaulted student loan.

Dictionary Term Of The Day. A measure of the degree to which returns on two risky assets move in tandem. Broker Reviews Find the best broker for your trading or investing needs See Reviews. Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education. A celebration of the most influential advisors and their contributions to critical conversations on finance. Become a day trader. By Greg DePersio December 7, — 3: Real Estate Sales Agents in Texas As a Texas real estate sales agent, you are authorized to sell real estate, but you must work for a licensed broker in the state.

Real Estate Brokers in Texas Texas real estate brokers are authorized to work for themselves and conduct real estate transactions on their own behalf. Fingerprinting and Costs If you are applying to become a sales agent or a broker, you must be fingerprinted and pay an application fee before Texas grants your license. Each state has its own rules, regulations and examination for obtaining a real estate license.

Find out what you need to know. Learn the requirements for getting licensed to practice real estate in New York, which include prelicensing course work and a written examination.

Here, we'll show you the main steps to becoming a successful real estate agent. How to tell if you'd be good in this field. It is a common second career for many people, but isn't a good match for everyone.

If you're considering one of these careers, this article is designed to help you make a logical choice between the two. Learn more about the qualifications, daily and regular responsibilities, and average yearly salaries of commercial real estate agents. Before you start working with a real estate agent — especially if you're the one paying the agent's commission — make sure you've made the right choice.

Texas Real Estate License Requirements

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